2020 ALL DAY BOOKINGS AND/OR DESTINATION WEDDINGS: Upon availability, for out of area events OR if client requests Makeup/Hair services to be done at different times on a particular date that is booked, the following day rates are to be applied:

Required is the average daily wage to be met in order to accept all day bookings that are requested to be present, and not be able to take any other clients/bookingw. Travel times calculated from Valley area, (California):

-Weddings/Events LA bookings WITHIN 45 minutes round-trip of Northridge (8 hours on-site) are $2,300 per day.

-Weddings/Events outside of the LA area requiring UP TO 2-2.5 hours round-trip travel, Holidays and Holiday weekends, Long weekends, are $2,500 per day.

-Weddings/Events beyond 2.5 hours round-trip travel time are $2,800. (4-5 hours on-site).  Travel beyond 4.5 hours round-trip travel please inquire.

-Weddings/Events that require travel beyond 2.5 hours round-trip travel to, AND overnight stay are $3,000 of each day services are rendered; 6 hours on-site. Early morning start times of 7:30 a.m. or earlier require hotel accommodations on the premises.

-Cities that require flying to and NO overnight stay: $3,000. Cities that require flying to AND overnight stay are $3,200 of each day services are rendered.


For areas that require flying, airfare and hotel fees must also be covered in addition to minimum daily wages.   All costs for travel to a booked event are to be paid by the client. Costs may include, but are not limited to: $200 air travel fee (included in all day booking), hotel, paid transportation, parking, meals, car rental (if needed), car service from airport to hotel and back to airport from hotel, service incidentals, round trip shipping of makeup case and all taxes (if airport check-in finds necessary). The cost of the airline ticket (round-trip) will be pre-paid by the client and all other possible fees incurred will be included with the final bill and due for payment on the day-of-event.

The above, All Day rate categories include as many services as can be done (bride and any other individuals as time permits) for each day “BBLC” is hired, adding up to the All Day Rate.  A total of 8 hours present on-site is considered an all-day booking.  Start time is calculated 5-6 hours prior to last makeup/hair look that is requested (it takes approximately 2-2.5/3 hours to do a hair/makeup change-touchup, pack and cleanup space used). Bride must state ready time when last change in hair/makeup, so 6 hours prior is considered arrival time for the day’s booking. 

Typically makeup can take 1 hour and 15 minutes, and hair about 1 hour.  Of course these approximate times can take more or less depending on the style of makeup and hair requested by client. Some makeup looks are extremely detailed and require more time.