About Linda Chiriac

Growing up I was always drawing, painting, making jewelry, anything that involved creating and artistry.  Never did I think of actually making a career out of it. During my high school years I really loved science, particularly physics and decided I wanted a future in medicine, more so I wanted to be a Dentist!!!  I went on to do my undergraduate studies at UCLA fulfilling all the pre-requisites for dental school, volunteering at dental clinics, working in a dental office to learn the business aspect of the practice, etc….all the while painting faces every chance I could  possibly get.  During my senior year in high school and my college years, living at home, I would literally beg my mom’s friends who would come over the house; to do their makeup, hair, eyebrows…anything that they would allow!  One particular lady whose hair and makeup I had done, pleasantly surprised her daughter with her final glam look that left her so impressed she decided to book me for her wedding.  That was the summer before I turned 19!  Her bridesmaids all booked me throughout the years as they got married as well…and that’s how it all began…with weddings! 

I truly love creating and being a part of my client’s visions for all their special occasions.  I strive to deliver impeccable service, quality work, and a happy disposition.  Throughout the past 13 years of my career, I have had the pleasure to work with truly inspiring individuals that have led me to gain my vast array of experiences in the beauty industry thus far.  

My mission is to continue to deliver this service to my clients, and the invaluable knowledge and experiences that I have accumulated over the past 13 1/2 years to my current and future students.  I truly strive to leave my students with a permanent spark of inspiration, motivation, and a set of new skills that will give them the confidence to build a happy, fulfilling future they love, based on their passion of makeup artistry and hair design, which is nowadays shared by so many!